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I'm a wife, a mother, and a full time illustrator. I have a son who is 8, and a daughter 5. Drawing & Digital painting is my life, but wish drawing digis was my full time job b/c I get so much satisfaction from it! For now it is a hobby that is mainly for my babies, and my escape from the strict guideline of the lisenced properties I work on in everyday life! I LOVE my day job too. I create small MMO games for major featured films, anything ranging from Dreamworks Madagascar, Ice Age, Tin Tin, or Puss In Boots to projects as small as My Little Pony, Barbie, and Hello Kitty to name a small few. I enjoy painting traditionally and digitally, and there are days where I wish I had four arms so I can do everything! Family comes first for me - life is just too short, so I try to find a happy balance between crafts and my full time career.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Life This Week, DT DAY, & Soccer-Football Digital Stamp!

Happy Birthday Lovey!  It's my son's birthday today!  I can't believe he is already 3 years old!!!  It seems like yesterday when I was holding him in my arms, and now I am taking him on picnics and playing in the rain - at least that's what we did on Victoria Day Monday!  Can someone please slow down the clock?  He is growing too fast!  I aways tell Jim I want to keep him this small forever.  I don't know what it is like to have a teenager, or a college kid, but all I can say is, this is by far the most fun we have had and I just want to hold onto it forever.  Terrible Two's?  Nah, not so terrible at all!  They should change the name to "Terrific Twos", because I have never laughed so hard, or had my heart melt to mush in all my life!  Now lets see what a three year old will bring us...moohoo haha!

More things going on this month!  My Nana from England is visiting and I am so excited to see her this weekend!  We are trying to get everyone in the family together this weekend at my Mum and Dad's house to see her, as we just never know when her last trip out to Canada will be!  We also hope to celebrate Kolby's birthday this weekend with my oldest brother, whose birthday was yesterday!  Is it just me, or are there a  lot of people born in May? LOL!  I noticed there are several people taking their birthdays off this month at my work.  I bet there are a lot more of you Spring babies out there - So Happy Birthday to all of you born in the month of May!  :) *Muh!* xoxo

More good news! My other grandmother is recovering well!  She gave us quite a scare this past weekend, and the doctors told close family that they all needed to go to the hospital.  So off my Dad went to Quebec to be with her, and his brothers and sisters.  She was hospitalised on Monday b/c her heart stopped.  Yesterday they put in a pace maker, and we have heard she is doing really well.  Hoping her status remains positive, and praying for a full recovery!


It's DT Day!  It's time to show of some off my Redonkulous Digital Stamps!  My favorite day of the week!  Lets start at Kim's blog and see what she has created!  Have you been there and done that already?  Well, what are you waiting for? Visit these very talented ladies and give them some LOVE!  If you haven't seen their stuff before, you're missing out!  Don't miss out this week, hop on the links below.




Enjoy my latest Soccer/Football Digital Stamp I did this week.  She is also available as a pre coloured clip art for those of you who are strapped for time.   Have a crafty week ladies and gents!


Kate said...

Happy Birthday to your Boy! I hate that they grow up to fast too. Time does need to slow down a bit. So glad to hear that your other grandma is feeling better and you have your Nana visiting. Fun Times. Thanks for the May Birthday Greetings. I had 2 last week 1 turned 9 and 1 turned 14.


Shazza said...

happy birthday to your son x

Tracy said...

Happy birthday to all those May babies ;)
Great new image Sheryl :)

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