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I'm a wife, a mother, and a full time illustrator. I have a son who is 8, and a daughter 5. Drawing & Digital painting is my life, but wish drawing digis was my full time job b/c I get so much satisfaction from it! For now it is a hobby that is mainly for my babies, and my escape from the strict guideline of the lisenced properties I work on in everyday life! I LOVE my day job too. I create small MMO games for major featured films, anything ranging from Dreamworks Madagascar, Ice Age, Tin Tin, or Puss In Boots to projects as small as My Little Pony, Barbie, and Hello Kitty to name a small few. I enjoy painting traditionally and digitally, and there are days where I wish I had four arms so I can do everything! Family comes first for me - life is just too short, so I try to find a happy balance between crafts and my full time career.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bring on Summer & DESIGN TEAM DAY

Well, my little baby is now a big boy. We had a blast this past weekend celebrating his 3rd birthday with my oldest brother. The weather was gorgeous, and very hot for this time of year - I'll gladly welcome the sunshine!  The kiddies drove their mini vehicles around the yard at my parents house, went swimming in the big pool, and went fishing in the mini toddler pool (plastic fish of course!) The Kids also had a blast squirting each other with their mini Squirt guns! My other oldest brother brought out  two big Water Soakers to "keep the kids is line" - haha!  Of course the kids thought this was a hoot and tried desperately to take my brother down!!!  They were no match for this BIG kid!  Before you could blink, all 3 of my brothers and of course my husband were attacking each other with Super Soakers, the hose, and water balloons! It was all out WAR!  Women & children - take cover!  What an awesome weekend to be a kid again! 

Have you ever tried a mojito?  I was able to indulge myself with this tropical drink for the first time, and it was so yummy!  If you haven't had one, I highly recommend it - but they take time to make properly.  Wishing it could've been filled with rum, but not for this preggo for a while.  I'll have to wait to try the real deal once I pop this baby out.  All I have to say is mmmmmm to the virgin one!!!  What a nice flavor to celebrate the summer!

As you all know, it's DT day. Lets take a look at what the ladies have been whipping up this week.  Kim from Just Wordz has been doing some amazing tutorials on how to colour Digital Stamps using Pro Markers!  These are videos you just gotta check out!  I think they are the best and most informative on the web!  She claims she's no expert, but honestly, this lady knows her stuff and is amazing at colouring digital stamps and creating handmade cards!  One day, I would love to see the whole process, from colouring through card creation.  No pressure Kim! ;)  Leave some Lovens for the very talented ladies below!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Life This Week, DT DAY, & Soccer-Football Digital Stamp!

Happy Birthday Lovey!  It's my son's birthday today!  I can't believe he is already 3 years old!!!  It seems like yesterday when I was holding him in my arms, and now I am taking him on picnics and playing in the rain - at least that's what we did on Victoria Day Monday!  Can someone please slow down the clock?  He is growing too fast!  I aways tell Jim I want to keep him this small forever.  I don't know what it is like to have a teenager, or a college kid, but all I can say is, this is by far the most fun we have had and I just want to hold onto it forever.  Terrible Two's?  Nah, not so terrible at all!  They should change the name to "Terrific Twos", because I have never laughed so hard, or had my heart melt to mush in all my life!  Now lets see what a three year old will bring us...moohoo haha!

More things going on this month!  My Nana from England is visiting and I am so excited to see her this weekend!  We are trying to get everyone in the family together this weekend at my Mum and Dad's house to see her, as we just never know when her last trip out to Canada will be!  We also hope to celebrate Kolby's birthday this weekend with my oldest brother, whose birthday was yesterday!  Is it just me, or are there a  lot of people born in May? LOL!  I noticed there are several people taking their birthdays off this month at my work.  I bet there are a lot more of you Spring babies out there - So Happy Birthday to all of you born in the month of May!  :) *Muh!* xoxo

More good news! My other grandmother is recovering well!  She gave us quite a scare this past weekend, and the doctors told close family that they all needed to go to the hospital.  So off my Dad went to Quebec to be with her, and his brothers and sisters.  She was hospitalised on Monday b/c her heart stopped.  Yesterday they put in a pace maker, and we have heard she is doing really well.  Hoping her status remains positive, and praying for a full recovery!


It's DT Day!  It's time to show of some off my Redonkulous Digital Stamps!  My favorite day of the week!  Lets start at Kim's blog and see what she has created!  Have you been there and done that already?  Well, what are you waiting for? Visit these very talented ladies and give them some LOVE!  If you haven't seen their stuff before, you're missing out!  Don't miss out this week, hop on the links below.




Enjoy my latest Soccer/Football Digital Stamp I did this week.  She is also available as a pre coloured clip art for those of you who are strapped for time.   Have a crafty week ladies and gents!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

3D Ultrasound & DT Day

Another beautiful weekend! On Saturday we went to our 3D Ultrasound appointment. We are excited to announce we are having a baby GIRL!!!   YAY!   A few months back we went for a health check ultrasound and we were hoping to find out what the gender of the baby was.  We asked the ultrasound technician to write the gender in a card we had specially picked out.  This was so that we could open the card on a special day (like Valentines Day or Easter) to give ourselves a lovely surprise.  But not long after our request, the technician blurted out, "it's a girl MAYBE?  Looks like the baby has girl parts, but not too sure..."   Whoops - you weren't suppose to tell us remember?  - LOL!  The baby was so curled up in a ball, that it was hard to get a good shot to determine the sex.  When the technician said it was a "girl maybe", I was so excited I didn't even care that she blurted it out.  All I wanted to do was shop for little girly clothes!!!  So after the appointment, my hubby allowed me to buy a dress, when I REALLY wanted to buy a million girly things!  No point in spending money on a "maybe girl" - LOL!  I can't tell you how excited we both are to finally find out that the baby is for SURE a girl!   Now we have one of each!   After growing up in a household with 3 brothers, I am especially happy to have a bonding experience with my little girly girl. Prepare to be dollified my little princess! Hehehehe!  Kolby will be so happy that he doesn't have to wear dresses anymore...I'm kidding...or am I?  ;)

Here are just 4 of 110 pics!  There were so many to choose from, but I think these are my favourite.  The only thing that sucks about the 3D ultrasound is that it creates a lot of anxiousness - I just want to cuddle her right now!  I can't wait to finally meet her! 

In this picture, it looks like she has hair - but those are actually shadows.  We can't see hair in ultrasounds - or so I was told. :)
"Just trying to get my beauty sleep!"

 My little princess showing her true colours by sticking her tongue out at us!  What a cheeky little monkey!

...and here comes the diva attitude!  I think this one is funny!
"This is so humiliating!!!  I'm not even born yet and my parents are taking pictures of me!  Let me know when it is over!"

Oh my!  Our little angel has become a teenager already by flipping us her middle finger!!!  No joke - we couldn't believe our eyes!  This happend right after I shook my belly to get her arms away from her face to get a nice shot.  We all laughed, including the technician - she'd never seen that before!!!
 "I said - BUZZ OFF!"

I hoped you enjoyed the pictures of my lovely sweety.  It will only be a few more months until our little angel will meet the world.  I only wish the world for both my son and my future daughter.  If a picture can say a thousand words then "YOU - my daughter" have taken all my thousands of words...

...Now, lets get down to business!  It's Design Team Day!!!  YAAAAAY!!!  Time to check out some more of my Redonkulous Digital Stamps!  Lets see what the ladies have created this week:

Hop over to Kim's site Just Wordz,  to see what she has coloured up.  She has also started some really awesome tutorials you should check out on how to colour digital stamps!  They are very good and informative!  You can find them on her blog, or visit my Turorial Tab at the top of the screen! 

If you have already been to Kim's and wanted to leave some love for the rest of the team, you can visit them here:

Debs will not be joining us this week due to family commitments.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

DT DAY - and Re-draw for a New Winner!

Uh-oh!  Looks like we have an unclaimed digital stamp winner from last weeks 100 Followers draw.  I really hate to do this, but this is the way the cookie crumbles.  For the NEW winner - please click here.

It's my son's birthday month and he turns 3 on the 23rd!  His Nana and Papa decided to spoil him rotten early, and refused to take "no" for an answer!  We're not sure who feels more spoiled - us, or Kolby - LOL!  Jim decided to take Kolby to the States to pick up some pre-ordered stuff close to the boarder.  When it comes to children's toys and clothing, many things are literally half price compared to Canada.  It is even worth the gas to drive there, plus the duty charges!  So our spoiled little boy got a four wheeler for kids (battery operated of course), a cool new bike, and a shark helmet.  He had the best weekend of his life and it was so beautiful outside!  He literally spent the whole weekend outside riding his four wheeler in the backyard, and his bike to the park!  As the weekend came to a closing, Kolby laid in his bed and whispered, "thank you for letting me ride my four wheeler."  He grabbed my face, squishing my cheeks, and said with his serious little expression - "I'm so proud of you Mommy!"  Then he rubbed the top of my head - I couldn't help but laugh!  I said, "No no buddy, I'm so proud of you!"  It melted my heart!  We felt so blessed this weekend. ♥

It's time to show off my Design Team's talent!  I get so excited for Wednesday now!  These ladies are so talented, so be sure to leave them some LOVE!

Start at Just Wordz and carry onto the links below:




Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Free Digital Stamp Giveaway! 100 Followers!

Well, if you read my latest post, you will know that I had to do a redraw, as I waited for a reply and sadly didn't hear from her.  Here is the RE-DRAW!  I waited a long time to finally get to 100 Followers!  This won't be the last give away ladies, I assure you!  Thanks everyone for being so wonderful!  Your kind words and thoughtfulness means so much to me.  So lets get down to business  - I can't wait to see who wins this draw!  :)  Here is a list of the recent 25 blog Followers.  Remember - all 100 of you are included into the draw!

Sue - 76
Deanne Clarke Saunders- 77
Carol - 78
Margaret Lizzy Minshall - 79
Gill scrappy gilly- 80
Susan Armitage - 81
Aunty Sue's Craft Cavern - 82
Jennyfer L - 83
Lizzy19 - 84
Sandytoz - 85
Lorraine - 87
Sooty68 - 88
Kerry Momma K - 89
Tinkerbell_Shorty - 90
Dmiller - 91
Lilac Jay - 92
Helle - 93
Elainea1 - 94
Ladock Girl - 95
Country Lady Designs - 96
Jen Eldridge - 97
Gemma- 98
Michelle - 99
Debra - 100


Congratulations Margaret!

If you know Margaret out there in blogland, feel free to let Margaret know she's a winner!

Margaret: Please email me in the tab at the top my blog called "Contact Me".   There is a link for my email.  Visit my store and choose one stamp you would like.   Make sure you leave the email you would like it sent to! You have 72 hours to claim your prize. If I don't hear from you by then, I will have to redraw!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Redonkulous Designs - Design Team Day! YAY!

It's Redonkulous Design team day again!  Be sure to check out the these fabulously coloured digital stamps this week!  First, go to Just wordzs to see what Kim has been up to, and then continue on to the ever so talented ladies in the links below:

So, I am having the WORST luck with computers this week!  I accidentally posted my DT day yesterday and realized it at lunch time while I was at work.  Damn preggo brain - I swear!!! Do you know how disappointed I was to find out that yesterday was Tuesday and NOT Wednesday.  Boy this is going to be a long week - LOL!  So this was MY fault.  To correct my brain dysfunction, I used my ipad to re-schedule it for today.  Well paint my face red!  The stinking thing posted a blank post today and just the title.   The ipad is good for some things, but not for blog posts!!!  I thought it looked glitchy when I hit re-schedule, but I didn't think twice about checking it.   My ipad completely deleted it.  So now, this is my new version of the DT Day post I had posted.  But let me continue my explanation of bad luck with computers.  Last Thursday during lunch at work I started my new digi of a karate kick girl (by popular demand).  When I went to finish it on the weekend, the file had corrupted!!!  I tried everything to repair it - but an error message read in Photoshop: "Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document." Wha - WHAT?!?!  So I Googled this exact term, and of course it has happened to other unfortunate souls like me.  Of course, "corrupted file" seemed to be the main thing that popped up in my search.  I had to bite the bullet and redraw my digital stamp again.  It is still in the clean up stage, but will be coming soon for those of you who requested it.  My lovely computer luck hasn't ended there!  Yesterday at work I was given a deadline to have some files completed by end of day (5:00pm).  Could you believe, for something that should've only taken about 10 minutes, turned into an hour and a half of unpaid overtime?  Yep, this is my luck - LOL!  All of the servers shut down on me, making it impossible to upload my work, and of course my desperate plea to our tech support did not reach them via email.  I was unaware that my email had stopped working too!  So none of my files sent, my plea for help, or approval requests!  My Art Director and I had to swap a memory stick back and fourth several times to save the files. For some reason, HE was able to use his email and get onto the servers no problem, but not me!  It's funny now - but it wasn't yesterday when the deadline hit.  It is also funny now, because this morning my co-workers were asking me why I keep sending them files they already received yesterday and approved.  Turns out my email decided to send all of the messages I wrote last night - this morning!!!  BAHAHAHAHA!  Today seems to be going well, I am still at work and there isn't much to do today - THAT NEVER HAPPENS!  So I have taken the time to re-write my post!  :) Shh, don't tell my boss.  Hehehe!

In my post that was accidentally deleted, I was asking if you have any digi stamp ideas?  I was thinking about doing a music related one of a girly. I've had some requests for boys of course - so I have added it to the list.  I have an idea of an old man funny card, but not sold on that idea. Want to help me brainstorm?  I might use your idea in my next digital image!

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