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I'm a wife, a mother, and a full time illustrator. I have a son who is 8, and a daughter 5. Drawing & Digital painting is my life, but wish drawing digis was my full time job b/c I get so much satisfaction from it! For now it is a hobby that is mainly for my babies, and my escape from the strict guideline of the lisenced properties I work on in everyday life! I LOVE my day job too. I create small MMO games for major featured films, anything ranging from Dreamworks Madagascar, Ice Age, Tin Tin, or Puss In Boots to projects as small as My Little Pony, Barbie, and Hello Kitty to name a small few. I enjoy painting traditionally and digitally, and there are days where I wish I had four arms so I can do everything! Family comes first for me - life is just too short, so I try to find a happy balance between crafts and my full time career.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Digital Collage Sheet

Happy Holidays everyone! Are you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I still have some loose ends to tie up today and then I'm all done!  I took some cute Christmas pictures of my babies this week. I can't show them all as they are in the mail for family-but here is a sneak peak!

I know, I know, my post last Wednesday said I was on vacation, but then I had the urge to do something creative and decided to do some Digital Collage sheets. It's been well over a year since  I've done a set and I hate having a nearly empty category in my shop.  I started these before I even knew what Digis were and have a ton of partially created ones, so I figured I'd finish them and add them to the shop.  I'm not abandoning my digis - so don't worry! ;)

Best Freinds Forever - Digital Collage 1 inch Circles
Available in 1 inch squres too!  You can use these to make Bottle cap jewelry, stickers, hair bow embellishments, card embellishments, cupcake toppers - whatever your hearts desire!  Happy Crafting everyone and have very Merry Christmas!


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Free Digital Stamp for 48 hours...

I am offering this digital stamp for free for 48 hours to express my deepest condolences for the tragic events that took place yesterday.    After 48 hours, this stamp will be added to the store for a very small fee.  I know the holidays are creeping up quickly, but it would be wonderful if you coud take the time out to PLEASE SEND A HANDMADE  CARD TO:
Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Drive,
Sandy Hook, CT 06482

I think the world has an aching heart over the tragedy that took place in Connecticut yesterday! Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been closely effected.  You can't help but think about what those poor innocent children saw that day, and the adults who also lost their lives.  With Christmas around the corner, it only adds insult to injury for 28 families.  For what is suppose to be the happiest time of year, will never be the same for so many.  I have feelings of anger, grief, sadness and guilt.  All we can do is pray for these families to heal and for something positive to happen that will prevent something like this from ever happening again.

If you have babies of your own, be sure to give them extra snuggles and kisses this week!

Update: Spelling for UK "Mummy" has been added to the file.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Beary Christmas Nana!

Here is my Christmas card I made for my Nana who lives in England.  Sadly she is blind, which is why this card had to be made extra special just for her!  Just because she is blind doesn't mean she doesn't deserve a lovely card from her granddaughter right?  So, to make this card suit her needs, I made the card extra BIG so she can use her trusty giant magnifier to study what little she can see.   I wanted to make her a card that had a lot of depth (3 layers).  So I made some snow banks and layered them.  I also cut out the Christmas TeddyBear digital stamp so she can feel the shape.  I also put glitter on the snow banks for her to touch.  I used papers that Kim  from JustWordz gave me from her stash, and used the ones that had a nice texture on them.  My Nana should be able to feel the snowflakes and the trees with these beautiful, glittery papers.­  I put a few embellishments around the "Beary Christmas" sentiment (I lucked out with some pearls that fit perfectly on the sentiment, and used my pearl pen for the smaller pearl beads).  Next I ripped off some Christmas lights from an old reindeer statue that I was going to throw away - I completely violated this poor deer and stripped him completely of his embellies - teehee!  I feel so dirty!  But hey, I now have a nice little Christmas bulb that matched my papers.  A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!  ;)
I used my Promarkers of course:

BEAR: Walnut, Cocoa, Cinnamon, EARS: Antique Pink, Baby Pink, NOSE: Warm Grey 5,3 and 1
CANDY CANE: Burgundy, Crimson, Poppy, Pastel Blue and Blender, Pink, Emerald, Apple
RIBBON: Pine, Emerald, Mint Green, Pastel Green, RIBBON DETAIL: Pine, Apple,

Glitter Liner made by Viva #908 Holo Iridescent: Used on Candy Cane bow, snowbanks

Christmas Teddy Bear digital stamp can be purchased HERE!

I'd like to enter my card in the Following Challenges:

Cute Card Thursday Challenge 246 - Red and Green!
Passion for ProMarkers Week 178 include the word HAPPY in your sentiment
TotallyGorjuss.Blog - Anything Goes with Glitter

¸.•*¨*`•.¸  WHAT'S NEW?  ¸.•*¨*`•.¸

Well I missed last week's post.  Sadly I had so many co­mputer problems I just said "forget it!!!"  and resorted to posting on my RedonkulousFacebook Fan Page.   For those of you who are not on my Facebook Fan Page, I'd like to tell you that I have posted another cute Fairy digital stamp called "Fairy Blossom".  I love this digi because she comes with or without the flower, not to mention she will melt your heart or recipients heart!  She is available to purchase now!  =)  As for my computer, it is temporarily working.  So, starting today I have decided to go on holiday to do some major website and computer maintenance - Ha! Not really a holiday huh?  You may not see some new digi stamps until January, but you will still see me around.  Tis the season to be Redonkulously busy!!!  Have a super crafty week - Oh who am I kidding?  HURRY!  Get out there and finish up that Christmas shopping - EEK! =)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Have a Fairy Merry Christmas!

Lots of stuff to show you all today! This week I coloured up my fairy digital stamp and decided to make it into a Fairy Christmas greeting card! I absolutely loved colouring this image-especially her hair! I think she is my favorite digi so far! I love her soooo much, I have another design on the way - so stay tuned! By the time I'm done, we're all gonna be fairied out! HAH! I think I've got my Mum hooked too! She's coloured this image about 5 times in so many different colours!  Plus I can tell that she can't resist the need to use glitter and jewels - who can't right?!? I have to say, my mother is catching onto this colouring thing too!   I can't wait to go for a visit and see her creations in person! =) So my darlings - here is the perfect excuse to glitter the heck out of your next project and add plenty of bling! Eeehehehe! I'm a sucker for sparkly things, aren't you?

I used Promarkers of course.
Wings: Blue Pearl, Cool Aqua (these blend beautifully)
Dress: China Blue, Blue Bell, Blue Pearl, Cool Aqua (for petal skirt)
Hair: aubergine, slate, and lilac / petrol blue, marine, Turquoise, duck egg
Skin: coral, sunkissed pink, blush, baby pink (cheeks)/ antique pink, baby pink (lips)
Glitter: I used a Glitter Liner made by Viva #908 Holo Iridescent. This colour is beautiful on almost any colour! Total must have (in my opinion) and dries quick unlike glitter glue.
Purple and white cardstock given to me (thanks Aunt Kim!)
Blue "Magical Christmas" Digital Scrapbook Paper (made by me - not in the shop yet, sorry my dears)!
Swirls were cut and given to me from my Aunt Kim - they were perfect for this project ( I seriously need this Die cut for future -I love it so much)!!!
Snowflake embellishment - cut from my Martha Stewart Punch. Covered it with my Glitter Liner and added purple jewel.

So here is a sneak peek of What Kim did with my Fairy Digital Stamp. She's soooo cute, so please hop over to see what she has done!!

Sassy has also done a beautiful job colouring my fairy and I just love it to bits!  Check out her version here.  ...AND if you are lucky enough you might even get to see what Tracey from Candi Craft Cards, did with hers too later today!  I haven't seen it, but I know it will be beautiful as all of her cards are!  It truly is amazing how one image can look so different!  I can't say enough how much I love seeing my images come to life! So if you've got a Redonkulous Designs card or craft to share-please post on my Facebook Fan Page! 

Latest Digi to hit the shop very soon is my Christmas Teddy Bear!  He's super cute and will come with several sentiments, plus a blank one for you to fill in yourself.  :)  He will be ready to purchase tomorrow...only b/c my hands are tied with Christmas decorating & cleaning our storage closet (groan).  Now that's a nightmare before Christmas let me tell ya! Hope the rest of your week is a crafty one! =)

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Fairy Digital Stamp

Late post this week as I have been visiting with family, and then family came to visit us!  I think it was worth the wait with this super cute new digital stamp called Shy Fairy.  I'm still a young girl at heart and I absolutely LOVE fairies!  Several weeks ago I turned my daughter's nursery into a fairies and butterfly theme - hey, I have to live my childhood through her somehow, heehehe!  Then when visiting with Kim from  we chit chatted about fairies, which of course lit a fire of a stamp I've been meaning to do for a long time!  I like this fairy digi so much I may have to do another...and then another!  =)  This will not be the last fairy you see from me!  Don't forget to add lots of glittery fairy dust to your handmade cards!  I'm thinking about colouring this cutie up, scanning it in, and printing her onto a T-Shirt transfer for my little girl!  I wonder if I can find some fabric glitter somewhere...if they make such a thing?

This past weekend we went to visit Nana and Papa Brown, where they were so kind to host a fabulous baby shower for our little Miss Serina.  It was so nice to see everyone, indulge on so many goodies (especially the ones made by Tina and Jamie), and drink an ocean of Tim Horton's coffee (not exaggerating here. Papa accidentally purchased a party sized container of coffee - LOL!).  We are so grateful for the gifts Serina received and having such a thoughtful family.  If you are reading this NB family, thanking you again for thinking of us! ♥

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Cute Christmas Digital Stamp - Elf in A Box

Here is this weeks Christmas Digi of an elf girl. Inspiration comes from my life this week as it is a very exciting time of year for me and my family. I'm sure many of you enjoy the holidays, spending time with family and friends. My excitement goes a little bit further this year, and my husband is forcing me to contain it! YIPPY! I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out, but I am trying... So, let me explain. 

As you all know we recently had our baby girl Serina, and she has been a joyful addition to our family. It will be interesting to see how the family dynamics will work in the coming month with our other new little friend.... Who is this little friend I speak of? No, not a puppy!!! Have you ever heard of an "Elf on the shelf"? That's right, I'm getting excited about a little elf! But it's not just any little elf! It is a cute little guy who visits after reading a story book. We have to name him when he arrives, but Kolby is not to touch him or he will lose his magic! He is only allowed to talk to him; this under strict orders from the Big Man himself (Santa), and the elf is only allowed to listen. Every day, our elf friend will visit our home, showing up in a random place, to make sure Kolby is being a good boy. Then he disappears to report to Santa! What a cute, fun, and clever idea huh? I'm soooo excited, I feel like a child myself! Christmas is super exciting again! My husband, wants us to wait until Dec 1st to bring out our elf friend and I am not sure I can wait! Not only that, if I know my son, he will take this very seriously and talk to the elf, and be on his best behaviour till the 25th of December! He usually is a very good boy anyway, but for those odd days, when he becomes Mr. Cranky Pants, I will now be able to point to my little elf buddy and have an even more peaceful December! Woohoo!

 Now the big question. Since this is going to be tradition, we want to influence Kolby to come up with a cute, elf-like name. He is only 3, so he will need help with this, otherwise we'll be calling him "Excavator Banana Face"...Yes, he has a big vocabulary when it comes to trucks etc., but lacks the creativity for naming things that make sense. HA HA!   Soooo....

Any ideas for an elf name for our Elf on The Shelf tradition?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A Father and Son - Digital Stamp & Dark Skin Tones using Promarkers

This super sweet digital stamp called "Daddy's Boy" is my newest addition to the shop.  The inspiration comes from my husband, and how awesome he is with my son. This is how I see the two of them, especially as of late when Daddy comes home from work.   YUP, that's right! I am now on my own taking care of the 2 rascals while Hubby is bringing home the bacon!  It's been wonderful though despite my extreme exhaustion.  Jim was, and still is, a big help during this very busy time with our newest addition.  I am sure I am not the only one who knows a really awesome Dad who deserves this digi stamp...and yes, I will do a "Daddy's Girl" version too in the future!!!  Thanks everyone for your sweet comments on my last post of our baby girl! It really warmed our hearts and enjoyed reading them all! :)

Check out my other newest digital stamp "Workout Girl".  For a long time now, I've been meaning to do a digi stamp of a girl for darker skin tones. So here she is and I just LOVE her!!!  I am really happy with how she turned out and how beautiful  I finally got her skin tone.   Now, I'm not an expert marker colourer or anything, as this is still very new to me.  I confess, it took me about 5 tries to get these warm brown colours to perfection - perhaps it is a lack of colours in my marker collection.  But, like a little scientist, I experimented and finally found the perfect colours I liked, and figured out a way to colour her without making it too blotchy looking.   Kim will be doing a version too, so I am curious to see how hers turned out, and what colours she used - if she posted it this week.  Pop on over and check out her blog!  The Promarker colours I used for her dark skin tone was Cocoa, Raw Sienna, Coral, Amethyst, and Antique Pink for her cheeks.  Sounds scary doesn't it?  I used Amethyst for the really dark areas under her chin, her back, inner ear etc.  I found all of these colours had to be applied a certain way and worked and then re-worked to get a nice even tone.  Oh yes, I also used Maroon for her eyeshadow.  This was such a fun challenge for me and I really want to do another.  The image is actually 2 different versions I coloured for practise (one cropped, and one full version).  I want to complete this cutie with my fitness papers using the black design patterns, that is my reason for her clothing colours.  Next time I'd really like to do a purple and green combo, which I think would look so pretty with her skin tone. 

Hope everyone has a great hump day! =)

Saturday, 3 November 2012

My Baby Girl! 12 Weeks Old

Hi everyone. I just wanted to post an update of my beautiful baby girl. She is the happiest little girl in the world! Even when she is super hungry and crying, she always manages to squeeze in a smile!  About two weeks ago, Serina figured out she has hands and can control them! The look on her face was priceless! It's equivalent to Spiderman realising he has super powers!  She is now starting to sit up, which seems quite impressive for a 12 week old.  Yesterday she discovered her feet, and scared herself while twinkling her toes!  She was thinking, "Wow, what are those things and why are they moving?!?!"  It really is funny to see these precious little people evolve, while we take the simplest things for granted - like our limbs!  Haha!  Having a little baby certainly makes you think about the silly things we get upset about, while the most important stuff is sitting right in front of our noses!

Take time out of crafting today to give your kids more hugs than they are use to - no matter how big they are! xoxo

Daddy nicknamed her "Funny"

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Digi Stamp - New release! Fitness & Baptism (Boy)

I've got a few new releases to announce today Fitness Girl and Baptismal/Christening for a baby boy.  Last week was my fitness papers and this week is my super cute fitness digital stamp, perfect for creating workout journals or cards for your workout support buddies!  My Aunt Kim didn't have to twist my arm at all when she suggested it - I sooooo loved doing this one!  Currently only available at my site!  Below is a sneak peek to show you what Kim has done with my Fitness girl-love the sentiment! Go to Just Wordz to check her out! She looks fantastic with my fitness scrapbook papers! She also did an amaaaaaaazing job on my pumpkin head cutie!  So hop on over!

Also up this week is a long overdue request for my Baptismal Digital Stamp of a baby boy with his mother and father - really this can be used for any family celebration as I kept it simple.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!  For those of you who celebrate Halloween, please be safe and wear some glow sticks!  REMINDER - This is the last day for my Halloween freebie! =)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fitness Digital Scrapbook Papers

What a horrible time to have my internet go down periodically all week! So frustrating!  We had Rogers (our crappy cable/internet provider) come in the other day to fix it, and as I expected, they were completely useless!   He spent a few minutes in our home and then a few hours tinkering in the cable box in the neighbour's yard.  He never came back to tell us if everything was fixed.  Well, I don't think he did a thing b/c it's still failing.  We have complained more times than I can count.  The next call will be to cancel our service.  I am praying to get through this post - HA! *how ironic, internet went down again right after I wrote that.*  Hehehe, bare with me folks!  <:0S

Anyway, I've been so super busy this week creating! Today I have digital scrapbook papers that are perfect for creating fitness journals.  The one you are seeing in this post is for a female, but there is a male version on the way, but I am not happy with it to post yet.  They are practically done though.  I also have several new digital stamps in production.  I have a female working out to go with my papers, it is in the sketch stage and I am so super excited to get her done because she is soooo cute!  I've got an an angel that is almost ready for release!  A baptismal for a boy, don't worry ladies it is almost done too - but I keep putting it off.  Shame on me for not doing this one sooner - sorry Kate.  Saw your message Hun, but hadn't the time to reply.  I should have her done this weekend.  If you need it before the weekend, let me know.  I almost have 2 completed sets of Christmas papers too, stay turned because these ones are beautiful!  My Mum had a sneak peak of these papers and she told me yesterday how beautiful they printed on Glossy Paper.  Have not tried that one yet - LOL!  Anyway, I better get these papers into the shop before my internet goes down again. *sigh*  Hope you all are having a better week than me!  Don't forget about my free digi stamp, you had better hurry b/c she is going up for regular price very soon.  :)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

FREE Digital Stamp!

Everyone likes a freebie once in a you better hurry!  This is a limited time offer!  It isn't mandatory, but show your appreciation by giving back to me.  Redonkluous Designs is still a new digital stamp company working hard to bring you all high quality images, and trying hard to get my name out there.  If you love my work and want to see more, please show your support by posting my "I ♥ Redonkulous Designs" badge on your blog.  Just grab the code and plug it into a gadget on your blog!  Now, "LIKE" me on my Facebook Fan Page!  It's that easy!  It makes me feel sooo good to see my badge when I visit you all!  I hope this to be the beginnings of more freebies to come...hopefully without bribery - LOL! ♥ 

Click on the image in the banner to get'em!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Handmade Gift - Christmas Candle

For the past 2 weeks I've stepped away from my computer to enjoy my family and of course some Thanksgiving festivities here in Canada.  My mum and I have been up to trouble this passed long weekend - crafting, and sharing our exciting new toys and crafty gadgets!  What fun!  Together we experimented with some candle making. We don't have one of those heat guns for crafting, so my Mum brought out her ancient old paint stripper - YIKES!  I guess you can say it is the Uzi of all heat guns - Ha! But ya Know what?  It actually worked...err..umm...well, after two candle casualties, but we finally mastered it!  Hehehe! 

First I coloured my Cuddly Christmas Penguin digital stamp with Promarkers.   You can buy him here.  Next, I scanned it into my computer at 300 dpi (I'll be making several of these for gifts and this will save a ton of time especially if I want to make a matching card).  If you want to skip this step, use the image you coloured on the desired paper.  Next I printed it on Canon Photo quality paper.  I cut out the image as tight as I could, leaving a little bit of white.  Next, I place the image on a pure white candle purchased from Walmart - $3.  The dollar store usually has these, but none were to be found as they still have their Halloween stuff out. I used waxed paper/grease proof paper to cover the image and pulled it tightly across the image.  Make sure your Waxed Paper doesn't have wrinkles or creases.  While holding it tight with an oven glove, I used the heat gun/paint stripper on HIGH with my other hand, moving it with a smooth even motion over the covered image.  Don't leave it in one spot for too long though b/c you don't want the candle to melt unevenly as it can be a real pain to re-shape it.  WARNING - CANDLE MAY DRIP.  I used a metal cookie sheet covered with tin foil to catch the wax drippings.  Once the image changes from a foggy look to a clear look, it is time to turn off your heat gun and slowly peel it off of your candle.  Tada!  A beautiful smooth candle, with a gorgeous image made by you!  YAY!  Now decorate your candle!  I used silver ribbon and red rope for the base (nice choice Mum), pearl stars for snowflakes, and glitter on his hat. This was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to make more!  Great idea huh? This would make the cutest gift for "Secret Santa" for a co-worker, or beautiful Christmas decorations for yourself or friend.  This candle is meant for decoration purposes and not meant to be lit for obvious reasons, so make sure you remind the person if you choose to give it away.  Have fun with this project - I promise, you will want to make more!  =)  Have a crafty Wednesday everyone!


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Goodbye my Teamies! ='(

Ohh! It is another sad day for Redonkulous Designs! I have to say goodbye to the rest of my very talented teamies Kate, Tracy, and Sharon (visit them to view their final project).  You three are just so wonderful and talented, I am so lucky to have had you on my team.  What a wonderful team ALL 6 of you are, and I can't thank you all enough for the wonderful beginnings we shared here at Redonkulous Designs.  You were all with me when I launched my new online store on  June 23rd, 2012.  You all cheered me up through tough times in my everyday life, and celebrated with me through the good times.  You followed me through my pregnancy and the birth of my baby girl Serina. You watched me have my first ever challenge (thank you Kim, you made it happen).  And you all watched me create my first ever handmade card! Wow, now that's a lot of firsts!!!  I wholeheartedly mean it when I say I couldn't have made it this far without you all showcasing my art, bringing it to life, and being an inspiration.  There is still a long journey ahead my lovely ladies, and I am so humbled and grateful to have had you join me for this very important chapter in my life.  There is still a lot of work to get Redonkulous Designs where I would like it to be, but just be so very proud of yourselves for what it is today.  So go ahead, pat yourselves on the back - do it, don't feel silly....there you go!  ;)  Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart!

I will be taking a short break before my next search for a design team, as I so desperately want to snuggle and enjoy my babies and hubby before he returns back to work next month.  I will of course be continuing with my art, and tackling the wish lists some of my lovely fans have requested.  I have plans to start an official challenge blog, YEAH YEAH!  So stay tuned for that.....AND

.......Stay tuned for the next DT call!!!

Today I leave you with my latest creations - Hippy Trip Digital Scrapbook Papers.  They are so beautiful and vibrant and can only be purchased in my online store - not Etsy!  They go nicely with my Hippie Chick digital stamp too!  Happy crafting!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

This past week, I chose a winner for my first time ever challenge.  This was such a special moment for me, so I wanted to make it a special moment for the winner, Sassy.  I chose to put Sassy in the spotlight this week, and found out that she not only creates beautiful cards, but she has a wonderful heart too, from helping people in her daily life, to putting a lot of thought and TLC into her cards.  You will also see Sassy's cards throughout blogland.  In fact, I just stumbled upon her work on the Crafty Catz Blog, and once again my eye was drawn to her beautiful creations!  I was pleasantly surprised it was Sassy's card!  I will be sponsoring the Crafty Catz in March and July of 2013!  It's a small blog world isn't it!?!?  :)

Here is Sassy's winning card, followed by her story:

I'd love it if you can tell us a little bit about yourself:
I'm a 59 year old mum and nan to 7 grandchildren.  I live and work in a historic midland town in Warwickshire looking after older people.  I have been in this job for 13 years and live on site with my Hubby and our beautiful cat Marvina, who escorts me whilst doing my calls, and who is still waiting for me if i have had to go into their homes.  No matter how long I have been, she is still there waiting for me outside...ready to follow me when I carry on with my daily routine.  The residents think she behaves more like a dog than a cat, and she is well loved.

When did you start creating cards?
I started crafting 10 years ago as a hobby.

What/who inspired you to create cards?
I have always been interested in arty stuff and joined a local art shop in learning different techniques and it has progressed from there.

Do you sell your handmade cards or do you do it for fun?
I sell quite a few commissions, which I love and see it as a challenge.  I just feel so happy when the recipient is happy with their card.  I do try and incorporate something about the person the card is for... like a favourite colour, girly or not, flouncy or frilly, vintage or modern etc.  I feel then, it makes it extra special just for them. No two are ever the same although I struggle with mens cards but will always have a try. 

What is your favourite occasion to create cards for?
I haven't a favourite occasion, but like to make sure the embellishments are taken into account always with the person or occasion in mind.  I'm quite a choccy box kinda gal, but not everyone likes loads of flowers or ribbon.  I try and tailor and personalise each card with every order I receive...

How long do you typically spend on a card?
Each card can take hours, especially if colouring is needed.  I always lay out my design before I glue, and try to balance the card. I'm also a matchy girl; making sure my papers, colours, and embellishments all work together.
What handy tips would you like to share with someone who is just starting to craft?
Just be yourself, let out the inner you, go with the flow - but whatever you do, be proud that you made it.  Looking back, my crafting has got me through many a bad times, and the best thing I ever did was get a blog...and give thanks for all the very special people it has lead me to find.

 Please visit Sassy's blog and become a follower. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Goodbye my Teamies/ Card #2

ARE YOU A WINNER? Click here to find out.

Oh dear. Today is a sad day, *snivel* and we all knew it would come to an end at some point. It is the last day for my teamies Deb, Shell and Stacey to show us some Redonkulous Inspiration. After watching week after week the exceptional work these talented ladies created, they not only made me proud, but inspired me to create my own cards. I personally would like to Thank my “fearsome threesome” for helping my shop grow to where it is today! I certainly could not have done it without you all! You will be missed very very much! I would love it if everyone could take the time to visit these sweethearts in the links above, and check out their final projects “sniff, sniff”.

On a positive note, I want to give a shout out to Kim from Just Wordz and thank her for all of the goodies that came in the mail yesterday afternoon! Woooohooo! My Mum was visiting when it arrived and I was excited to show her all of the things that were in the box. It was like Christmas!!! Kim, you spoiled me rotten! Not only that, now my Mum is starting to show some interest in creating some cards too. This could be dangerous my Friends!!! She even went and ordered some ProMarkers! I guess we will be busy exploring this hobby and colouring together! We may need an intervention here - LOL! So after the package arrived, I was so excited to get a card created yesterday, and I immediately started working on some new papers to go with the hippie theme since I coloured up my digital Stamp Hippie Chic last week. The papers will be available in my store sometime this week. I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out - I still have a ways to go, but I love this colour combination of the greens and purples together (the pic doesn't do it justice). Some elements are not glued down such as the sentiment and the jewel near the top. I really wanted to get my hands on a peace sign embellishment. And I would also like to distress the edges where the sentiment is - I have to watch some videos on how to do this I think. I am going to have a blast playing with all of these new goodies! :)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


The End… yes that is right, Redonkulous Designs has now closed…its first Challenge! Bahahaha!  :)  Thank you very much to Just Wordz, aka Kimberly Brown, for providing prizes for the hop and hosting a fabulous challenge and showcasing beautiful cards/handmade projects!  I really couldn't have done all of this without Kim's help, and of course all of you who submitted your gorgeous "Celebration" creations!  Thank you everyone for making my first challenge a success!  Gnaw - I feel like I'm growing up!  I may have to start an official Redonkulous Designs challenge blog after all!  :) Shhh!  Maybe it is already in the works... ;)

 So lets get down to what you came here for...

The Random draw was made for 8000 Redonkulous Reward points and a cool badge for bragging rights!  And the winner is............

10. Croms

HOLD ON! HOLD ON!  We're not done here!   I have another draw to do, plus another surprise!  :)

First before I begin, I would especially like to thank, and shake my fist at all of you talented ladies for making my Redonkulous images spectacular and so very difficult to judge!!!  Haha, what was I thinking?!?!  I literally messaged Kim in a bit of a panic b/c this was such a hard decision.  They are all really good - couldn't you tell by how long it has taken me to announce the winner?!?!  I'm such a rookie!

So without further adieu..."The Chosen One" is..........drum roll please....... the winner of the 16000 Redonkulous Reward Points goes to……..”


Sassy, please contact me to receive a personalised badge and your prize!  From there I can give you instructions on how to claim your prize!  :)

But wait, just like any good movie, there is more! I have decided to acknowledge/award a Top Three for the Redonkulous Designs Challenge!  My choice for the Top Three are:

1. (26) Fabiola
2. (24) Kym Yeoman
3. (16) Krafty Karen

Congratulations ladies, please contact me for your awesome personalised badge, and to receive an in store credit of 50% off of any $4 digital stamp!!!  You will need to register if you haven't already!
Well that concludes a successful challenge!  Thanks again to everyone who participated.  If you love my designs and want to see more, please grab my new badge at the top right, and wear it proudly on your blog so I know who my fans and supporters are when visiting!  Love you all!!!  :)

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My First Handmade Card!!!

So, it is Redonkulous Designs DT Day so be sure to check out what my teamies (Kim, Tracy, Sharon, & Kate) have done today with my digis.  Also be sure to enter my Redonkulous Designs Challenge this week to win some free digital stamps!

I decided to get my hands dirty this week and start my post with my first handmade card.  This was quite a challenge for me, and I have to be honest, I literally stared at the papers and embellishments for hours and hours.  I made papers to match my marker colours, so of course this took some time too.  I played with my new cuttlebug and die cuts.  After cutting and embossing and throwing away some things, I realized what a mess I made of my poor living room...I really need another office for this kind of work! 

So here is my card!  Sorry about the paper choices - they really slap you in the face don't they?  But I have to say, I love bright and colourful cards.  I Know, I definitely need more practice.  On the plus side, I am getting better at colouring thanks to Kim and her tutorials.  I am struggling with layout and my lack of embellishments you can see!

Did I mention that I had a terrible crafting accident!?!?!  Not too sure if I am cut out for this - BAHAHAHAHA!!!!

 Here's what happened - I purchased some Pearl Pens and they were not working and dried up.  I was so angry and thought 'well this is just perfect...and just my luck again!'  First dried up pro markers, and now 6 dried up glitter & pearl pens at $6 a piece!!!  Well, it wasn't long for me to realize what a dummy I am, and noticed it was just the first little bit in the tip that was dried up.  So to get it unclogged, I squeezed REAL hard, and suddenly there was a terrible explosion!!!  Well, lets just say I looked like the Tin Man from the Wizard of OZ with my silver pearl pen splattered all over my clothes, my face, my table, the floor, and of course the practice page I was colouring on!!!  Thank goodness it was my practice page!  My husband and Kolby's faces were priceless, and the room was absolute silence after the incident...but suddenly a burst of laughter!  I was wearing my good clothes too; note to self - where rags, goggles and a helmet while crafting, AND don't stick your face too close to the project!  I managed to salvage some of the mess...phew!

I leave today's post with a  picture of my newest digital stamp "SEXY SAM" "Fifty Shades of Sexy" (thanks for the name Kim).  This hunk will be hitting my online store later today...for now, it's back to bed for me!   My little monkey has me on the night shift - LOL!


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Oh dear...what have I got myself into?!?!



Well, now I've done it *shakes head at self*.  I'm gonna have to sell more digis to recoup from this loss - or maybe my house - LOL!  I took the plunge and I spent a whole lot of money on this stash...and now I feel sick b/c I am enjoying it and have to go out and get more stuff because I NEEEEEED it!   But, seriously - HOLY EXPENSIVE!!!  I got all 25 fine tip nibs for free because I spent so much money - GULP.  I'm not proud of this (again I do feel rather nauseous), but I do know that these nibs cost I suppose I saved a little - oh yeah, I also received 4 free black baggies for my markers!  Did I mention the markers were on sale for $2.97 each (which is pretty good for Canada).  Yes - this is me trying to make myself feel better about this purchase.  My husband says I better not purchase another greeting card in my lifetime hehehe!  It is going to take me a little while to get the hang of all of these foreign gadgets and tools - baby steps right?  ;)  I still need to get a ATG gun....umm...special paper to colour my images on...some die cuts...but for now my dollar store embellishments will have to do and my Canon Matte Photo quality paper will also have to do (has anyone ever tried this paper with the pro markers?).  Some of the markers I wanted to buy were not available :( and some of the ones  I purchased were dried up when I got home..that's just my luck - HA!   Thankfully today the man at the store was nice enough to exchange the dried out ones (he wasn't suppose to b/c it is final sale), and I picked up the missing markers. Yay for me!  =)

So ladies, I just have to ask: what is the one crafty tool you cannot live without?

Don't forget today is DT day!  Check out what my Redonkulous Teamies have done this week with my images!    Kim, Deb, Shell, Stacey

Friday, 31 August 2012

Redonkulous Designs Blog Hop/Challenge

Welcome to Redonkulous Designs Blog hop! If you just happened to come by and would like to start at the beginning go Here, and if you came from Corinne's blog you're in the right place!

So you wanna win some Redonkulous Prizes huh? If you came from Kim's blog, you would know that if you use a Redonkulous Designs image for the theme - "Celebration" you get a second chance to win 16000 Redonkulous Reward Points towards any REDONKULOUS DESIGNS' digital products in my store! In case you are wondering, that is equivalent to two of my most expensive digis for FREE! Woohoo!!! The projects will be handpicked by yours truly, and featured in my online store as a sample image with credit to your blog of course! Your challenge submission will also be featured on my blog! As a little incentive, I have decided to give a 25% Discount on my Newest Digital Stamp - "Hippie Chick". You are seeing it here first folks! But don't feel obligated to use this digi in the challenge because ANY Redonkulous Designs Digi is acceptable to win those 16000 points. :)

 Use Coupon Code: HIPPIE-HOP

 Don't forget to go to Kim's blog Just Wordz and follow all directions for your chance to win great prizes and submit your challenge! Happy Crafting!!!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Baptismal/Christening Digital Stamp

Before I show off my Baptismal Digital Stamp, I want to remind you all that it is Design Team day and you need to check out what my lovely Redonkulous Teamies have been up to this week.  Leave them some love!

In other fun news we are having a BLOG HOP this coming Friday!!!  YAY! We are going to have some blog candy to give away, as well as REDONKULOUS DESIGNS is having their first challenge EVER!!! Please visit Friday for all the details.

Before I had my baby girl, I started a new Christening digital stamp. and yesterday evening and early this morning I was finally able to complete it. I will post it in my store later today, but here is a sneak peak.

I'd like to thank everyone for their well wishes for the baby and me.  Your comments brought a smile to my face and I enjoyed reading each and every comment. We are finally just starting to get use to our new schedule with Serina. She is still melting our hearts every day.  Kolby is still quite oblivious to his new baby sister.  Once in a while he will acknowledge her, but for the most part his trucks, tractors, and cars are his world. The other day I got out for the first time in weeks.  We took Kolby to the splash pad near our house.  I enjoyed watching him play in the water sprinklers with the other children.  I was also able to enjoy Serina and Jim.  What a treat it is to be able to stay home with my family and not feel the exhaustion and stresses from work.  =)  This is what I think winning the lottery would be like (spending every day with family).  Every afternoon Kolby and I spend some time together playing "Just Dance" on the PS3.  We have a blast - mind you I can't dance while I recover, but I can do some arm movements which is better than nothing - LOL!  We have also been spending a lot of time outside playing!  Serina just loves the fresh air too!  Jim and I make a point to do fun things with Kolby every day so that he doesn't feel left out with all of the attention the baby gets.  So far everyone is happy!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Redonkulous Winners/Baby Announcement!!!

I am proud to announce the birth of our daughter Serina Emily Brown, born August 12, 2012 at 11:15 AM. Weighing 7lb 12oz and 20.5 inches long. It will be a very slow recovery for me after 4 days of labour which eventually resulted in an emergency c-section.=(  My baby girl is an absolute angel and perfect in every way!  So far she just eats and sleeps.  She is very quiet and cuddly - and let me tell ya, I could cuddle her all day long and just stare at her.   Being up every 2 to 3 hours for feeding is definitely taking its toll on Jim and I, but we are doing well - we are just tired, and have forgotten what a newborn was like - LOL!!!  Here are some pics of her in the hospital.
Let's also announce the winner of the 16000 Redonkulous Reward Points.  Sammi, congratulations!  You have guessed the correct birth date of my daughter.  Your guess was made while I was in labour and being admitted into the hospital at 3:30AM (EST) - LOL!   My doctor had a scheduled C-Section for me August 17th - but we didn't make it to that date.  I don't think I would have made it that long when my contractions started in the very early hours of August  9th.  Sammi, please register at my website  Once you do that, I can add your winning points to your account and you can shop away!  =)

Since this is such a wonderful chapter in my life, I have decided to do a random draw for those of you who participated in guessing, and most importantly for all of the well wishes I have received!  Each and every comment meant a lot to me and hearing your personal reasons why the date you guessed was so important in your life made me smile, and  I even read them out loud to my hubby.  We both enjoyed your comments.  So this is for 8000 Redonkulous Reward points.  I have assigned everyone  a number based on the order of your comments (my comments and double comments have been excluded).  So without further adieu...the winner is.......................................................

CONGRATULATIONS AUD!!!  You are the 12th member in the comments!  You have won 8000 Redonkulous Reward Points!  Please register on my website if you haven't already and I will happily add your points to your account!  =)
Today is also Redonkulous Designs' DT Day!  I am very very late posting today - but better late than never right?  Here are the links to my Redonkulous Team mates!  Leave them some love.  I just got a sneak peak at Kim's blog and I sure do like what I am seeing!  =)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Digital StampTutorial - Colouring with Promarkers!!!

Soooooo excited!!!  Kim did another tutorial using my digital stamp "Friends Forever"!!!  Thanks Kim - your the best! I can't tell you how excited I get when I watch my digital stamps get coloured up in real time!  Kim's tutorials are the best that I have seen, and are super for any nube starting out.  I always say this, but one of these days I will buy those markers and follow Kim's tutorials and test my hand at it too.  She makes it look so so easy.  Check it out!

Well, my due date to have my baby girl was yesterday....still waiting.  Thought for sure she would come early, but she decided that she was comfortable this week.  Figures!  I'm comforted by the fact that it will be sometime within the next 10 days.  =)

Don't forget, today is design team day and I am excited to be able to see what my teamies have done this week!  Kim, Stacey, Shell, and Debs.  I thought this would be one I'd miss, being so close to my due date.  Sadly, I did not get around to finishing my latest digi - I know, I am such a slacker these past 2 weeks and feel so guilty, but it is almost done.  I tried to finish it up yesterday, but got caught up in the silliest details that I am probably going to delete.  Today's agenda is to finish up my digi, and also catch up on laundry...errr um, no, how about I have that baby?  I like that idea.  Maybe I can get all 3 done!  Wouldn't that be a productive day?  =)

Thursday, 2 August 2012

To Much Work! DT DAY

What a week!  Yes, this blog post is a day late and I do apologize.  I have actually been doing some overtime for my work to get a project done before I leave for maternity.  I know, everyone always asks me why am I still working at 9 months pregnant and ready to deliver any day now???  Even my bus driver  I greet every morning can't believe I am still working!  She shakes her head at me - hehe!  But at least I get one perk - priority seating baby - woohoo!  Boy am I gonna miss that - actually no I won't, I will never miss the city bus - HA!  I'm not going to lie though, I am really starting to regret this decision to continue working until I pop, as I have had a persistent stomach ache for the past 2 days... but you have to do what is best for the family; plus the project I have been working on cannot easily be handed over to someone.  Thank goodness I now have it to a point where I can just hand it in without too many hiccups - YAY!  I am very happy with this accomplishment and so is my supervisor and project manager!  =0)

So yesterday was DT day!  Hop over to Kim's blog to check out some Redonkulous Designs' all coloured up!  I haven't had the chance to do that just yet - but I will make my rounds sometime today! :)  There is also still an opportunity to WIN FREE DIGITAL STAMPS, click the link for more details.  I can't believe no one has guessed past my due date!!!  Anything can happen folks!  :)

Saturday and Sunday were beautiful days. The weather was perfect and I was eager to spend some time outdoors. We purchased a new patio set so that Kolby, the new baby and l could spend some time outside.   It took Jim and I all day to put the set together, but it was a gorgeous day to do it at a nice slow pace, as I am not very mobile these days.  Jim set up some fun things for Kolby to do. His swimming pool, water sprinkler and sandbox were set up for him and he was all over it in seconds.   It wasn't long before I noticed Kolby drinking from the hose. I immediately warned him not to do that as he would get a sore tummy.   Of course I got the "oh yeah? what are you gonna do about it?"  smirk, and then a continuation of hose slurping.   I threatened to turn the hose off and empty his little pool and then he finally stopped.  If you read my Facebook fan page you will know that Kolby was very sick early Sunday morning and poor Dad got it good, and was caught in the line of fire.  Two showers, and major cleanup at 2:30 AM was not a good way to start the day, and of course I still had  to go to work in the morning.  I didn't really fall back to sleep after everything, and once again I went to work in zombie mode.  Throughout the day, I would check in on Kolby to see how he was doing.  Jim said he was perfect - as if nothing happened, and he is bouncing off of the walls as usual, no fever, nothing.  This was great news!!!  Once my work day was done, I had to back up all of my files in the event I couldn't come in the next day.  I suddenly got a phone call to hurry up and finish what I was doing quickly.  It was Jim in panic mode!  He and Kolby had been playing at the park located next to my work...

Here's are a couple of pictures I call "The calm before the storm".  He looks happy doesn't he?

Unfortunately this is the last picture of fun at the park. The poor little Monkey caught his finger in the swing quite badly.  His finger nail was red and bleeding underneath the nail. Jim spent a while calming Kolby down with onlookers nearby.... Then it happened again... Kolby got sick all over himself and Daddy!  Ugh!  So the panicked phone call I received from Jim - Let's just say when Jim and Kolby picked me up from work, they were both "shirtless" and stinky!  I'm glad we can all laugh about it so soon!
I was going to post a sneak peek of-my latest digital stamp, but I am not happy with it just yet.   It is of a mother and father holding their baby girl for a baptismal/christening card.  A wonderful  customer suggested the idea and I thought it was fantastic!   Thanks Carrie!   The rough stage of the card is almost complete and eventually I hope to get a few spare hours to clean it up.   I would much rather push out more digital stamps than a baby - LOL!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

It's Only a Dream!!! DT Day.

As you all know, it is Wednesday again!  Hop on over to Kim's blog and check out what she and my DT's have been up to!  Also, if you would like a chance to WIN FREE DIGITAL STAMPS, click here:

Yes the end is near.  Baby girl is not out yet, but I can't wait to evict...err...umm...see her soon - hehehe!  No new digi stamps this week!  It's killing me to have to slow down now, but my body is starting is telling me to take it easy. This past weekend I had Braxton Hicks (false labour pains) that lasted all day and through a small portion of Sunday.  They were actually quite painful and I was a little worried it could be the real deal.  But they were so inconsistent, I just knew I didn't have to go to the hospital.  I never had anything like this with my first pregnancy, so we were prepared with hospital bag loaded in the van, and had the car seat installed.  Thank goodness this all happened on the weekend!  I am really starting to regret not taking time off of work now.  But we need the money, as I know from the first pregnancy how fast we went through all of the money we had saved up.  I am worried about my water breaking while at work...but you gotta do what you gotta do - right?

I have been up since 2AM... :(
I had a weird dream last night I was on the bus with this scary homeless looking man with silver teeth.  He was causing a commotion, and threatening to do something to hurt people, and of course I was trying to find a way to safely get off the bus without drawing attention to myself.  I knew this was going to be quite the task, as my belly could not be well hidden from the dangerous man who lurked the bus.  Figures, the man noticed me, and pointed out that I was pregnant.  I tried to act like he wasn't there and changed seats, where he proceeded to follow me.  I managed to get off the bus and make my way to work.  Somehow I ended up in a school hallway, but this was also where I worked.  The receptionist was trying to lift my shirt up to see my belly, and this made me quite uncomfortable as my fellow co-workers watched. So as I fought her off, I felt this huge stretch in my belly.  I looked down and there was a perfect mold of a foot and leg poking out!  SO GROSS!  I remember everyone staring at my belly and pointing as I tried to bend the baby's leg back into my belly...and then I woke up in a sweat!!!  What a strange dream eh?  They say dreams have meaning.  I think my dream means my life is chaotic right now with fears of leaving work, and wondering how the baby is going to greet us.  I haven't slept since, but I cuddled up to my little boy who was sleeping in his bed.  I thought and wondered about stuff like how it was going to be with just me home with the baby, and Kolby running wild.  I know it is going to be a challenge for sure!  Kolby is going through that 3 year old stage where he has these crazy bursts of energy, which is fine and healthy...but I know from my first pregnancy how tired I was in the beginning.  But hey, if my Mum could do it with 4 kids without help, I really shouldn't be complaining!  :)  I CAN DO THIS!!!

At 5:00 AM this morning, I decided to go downstairs to make some breakfast and a huge cup of coffee.  At 5:30, I heard little feet come down the stairs.  There stood my little buddy.  I made him some breakfast too, and we chillaxed and talked for a while.  Eventually he fell back to sleep as I looked on with jealousy, wishing I could be in La-La Land too.  Does anyone have any toothpicks to hold these lids of mine open today?  *YAAAAAWN*  He looks so cute laying there!  Well, I'm off to start my work day.  If this rambling blog post doesn't make any sense, I blame it on this baby and my lack of sleep this whole week - LOL!  Have a crafty day ladies!  Now to finish of that coff of cupee.  ;)  Oh right, I knocked it over and it spilt into the carpet - yup I did - oh lovely day!
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