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I'm a wife, a mother, and a full time illustrator. I have a son who is 8, and a daughter 5. Drawing & Digital painting is my life, but wish drawing digis was my full time job b/c I get so much satisfaction from it! For now it is a hobby that is mainly for my babies, and my escape from the strict guideline of the lisenced properties I work on in everyday life! I LOVE my day job too. I create small MMO games for major featured films, anything ranging from Dreamworks Madagascar, Ice Age, Tin Tin, or Puss In Boots to projects as small as My Little Pony, Barbie, and Hello Kitty to name a small few. I enjoy painting traditionally and digitally, and there are days where I wish I had four arms so I can do everything! Family comes first for me - life is just too short, so I try to find a happy balance between crafts and my full time career.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Redonkulous Designs to Redonkadoodles

Hello lovely bloggers!  You may have heard already that we have re-branded Redonkulous Designs to Redonkadoodles!  For business and future strategic reasons, we decided it would be best to...yes, start over again.  CRAZY!!!  We have a big plan in place that will take months and months to reach - but it will hopefully be worth it in the end.  So yes I'm still alive and busy beyond belief while still juggling my busy 10 month old baby girl, my 4 year old son, and updating my site!  Time is flying too fast these days and the sleepless nights are starting to make me look like a zombie from the Walking Dead.  Taking care of the kids, replying to customers in the day, and working till the wee hours of the morning is certainly taking it's toll on me.  I may not be able to meet my Wednesday release date every time anymore, but I do try!  I go back to work in September, and I am a little freaked out by it.  The thought of trying to be, as one lovely fan put it, "Superwoman", I need to take things at a pace that is manageable.  We will see how juggling everything goes.  I use to work in television on cartoons, character designing and supervising multiple shows at once - so this should be easy peasy right!?!?  Pfft!  Not so easy when your solo.  I guess those skills are out the window when you have monkeys crawling up your leg begging for food!  ;)

So with a new site, comes a new Facebook Fan Page!  If you haven't liked our page already, please hop over to our NEW Facebook fan page and give us a like!  You will hear about our redonkulous random sales and be able to participate in our random trivia for points/freebies!  Plus share your cards you have created using our images!  I can't tell you enough how excited I get when a fan posts their creations using my products!  It truly makes it worth doing more!

I would like to THANK all of my fans for changing your blog links.  I can't express enough how important this is for us. It helps people find us easily and gets us back on the map.  The transition has certainly set us back and we are taking an enormous hit financially because of it.  This is some of the risks we knew would happen when we switched over...we just didn't know how bad the impact would be.  We are new at this adventure and learning as we go.  Lots of mistakes have been made along the way.  It will all be worth it in the end I hope, and I do have days where I want to give up, and then a lovely customer posts something inspiring that makes me smile and want to keep going!  Eventually the word will get out, with your help...we hope!  Flaunting our new button on your blogs is probably the best. For your convenience, I had my programmer make a special button that shows our new release right on YOUR blog! Yes! It automatically updates!  Pretty cool huh?  You can get the code by visiting my store website and clicking on the "I ♥ Redonkadoodles" image and inserting it into a blogger gadget - HTML code. 

A BIG BIG thank you goes to my Aunt Kim from Just Wordz!  I don't know what I'd do without this wonderful woman in my life!  She truly is keeping my shop alive while I work on boring stuff behind the scenes and struggle to get an image out each week!  I have a one woman design team - LOL!  Thanks Kim!  Love ya, and all the amazing work that you do! ♥

Here I Combined my Funny Face Girl with my Funny Face Man!

 Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful long weekend!  Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians and 4th of July to my friendly neighbours in the USA!  =)


Kimberly said...

Ahhh thanks for the lovely shout are the would i have anythingn to colour if you weren't doing what you do love love all the new digis....can't wait to see more of course..ha ha ..

Terrie said...

I just discovered you tonight and I am already hooked, your stamps and digis make me smile love them hugs Terrie

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