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I'm a wife, a mother, and a full time illustrator. I have a son who is 8, and a daughter 5. Drawing & Digital painting is my life, but wish drawing digis was my full time job b/c I get so much satisfaction from it! For now it is a hobby that is mainly for my babies, and my escape from the strict guideline of the lisenced properties I work on in everyday life! I LOVE my day job too. I create small MMO games for major featured films, anything ranging from Dreamworks Madagascar, Ice Age, Tin Tin, or Puss In Boots to projects as small as My Little Pony, Barbie, and Hello Kitty to name a small few. I enjoy painting traditionally and digitally, and there are days where I wish I had four arms so I can do everything! Family comes first for me - life is just too short, so I try to find a happy balance between crafts and my full time career.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Grand Opening SALE - Extended Until July 1st!

Oh yes!  It's true, I have extended my sale until July 1st on!  So you had better hurry!  Coupon code is DONKA-DONK!!!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Redonkulously Exhausted!!!

It's been a busy last few days with the opening of my new store! What a successful 3 days - So far no glitches...that I know of??? My Etsy Store is still open in case someone has issues. One thing is for sure, between the store, my full time job, and this pregnancy, I am soooo exhausted!!! If the baby decided to come now - I think I would die! I have been busy trying to spread the word of my new shop, trying to finish new banners and badges, and hours on a new blinkie that I cannot get to work because GIF files make rendered art look terrible - sigh. I somehow even managed to get myself banned from a forum for posting my Grand Opening sale!!! Next time, I guess I should read the fine print - whoops! I swear, I feel terrible! I didn't mean to be rude by posting...Doh!
Somewhere between all the chaos, I had a 3 year old little charmer that makes it all worth it, my buddy Kolby! Everyday my boy makes me laugh, he is so polite and helpful and I can't wait to spend my maternity with him and his sister. He has also been very very helpful around the house ( I know, enjoy it while it lasts right?). This morning my husband was laughing his head off when he opened the closet near the front door to find all of our shoes "organized" into a massive pile of mixed up shoes! I'll be sure to thank Kolby this morning! What a sweetie!

I also want to give a huge THANK YOU to all of my DT's for posting my Grand Opening Sale on their blogs - you guys are the BEST!!! The sale ends this Thursday June 28th - EEEK - oh yeah, that's my wedding anniversary! :)

Speaking of Design Team, as you all know, it's my favortite day of the week - DESIGN TEAM DAY!!! Check out what these lovely ladies have been up to this week using my digital stamps!

Sunday, 24 June 2012





The moment I've been waiting for!  A project that has been ongoing tirelessly since April 2012 (Easter to be exact)! has finally launched!!!  Now you can get your digi stamps, clip art, and all our other digital images instantly rather than waiting!   WHOA - WHAT?  INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOADS???  YAY!!!  I know, it's been a long time coming! So, what does this new store have to offer, you ask?  Redonkulous Designs has taken serious steps in making sure you will be protected by industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Your personal information is safe and secure while shopping our website, and also by using a popular and secure payment method through PayPal. Our other features include Redonkulous Rewards - Oh you better believe it!  Every time you purchase a Redonkulous Designs digital image, you will receive Redonkulous Reward Points toward a FREE image!  Returning, loyal customers are now rewarded! YAY!  All you have to do is register.  Why should you register?  So you can keep track of what you have already purchased, to show your accumulated Redonkulous Reward Points, so I can help you if something should go wrong, and finally, to keep a memory of your wish list!  That's right - there is a Wish List feature where you can add your favourite images for what you'd like to purchase at a later date!  You also get 3 chances to download your purchased image in case of a timeout error, power outage, alien abduction, your cat jumps on your keyboard and deletes your files, tornado, know how hectic life can be - LOL!  But in all seriousness, your downloads are really unlimited, but you will have to contact me if you really screw up your 3 download chances.    We'll even have some blogging fun, where winners will receive Redonkulous Rewards toward free digital images for use at our online store!

lf you're not in the spending mood - no worries, I'd still love for you to check out my new online store and let me know what you think!  I'd be so happy if you clicked the facebook "like" button on to help get the word out!  Also, if you see any technical glitches, please let me know so we can make your experience a smooth one!  I am still leaving my Etsy shop open...for those of you who don't mind waiting!  But just remember, you won't get any points when purchasing there!  :)


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Digital Stamp Tutorials & DT Day

WOW!  I'm so excited!  This past weekend Tracy, from Tracy's Treasures, posted some of my Redonkulous Designs on You Tube and I can't tell you enough how excited and honoured I was when I saw them!  If you're reading this post Tracy, thanks so much for the plug - it means so much to me!  This most certainly helps with exposure for my artwork and I couldn't be more thrilled and grateful!  Here is Tracy's video of all of her cards she has done this year.  Enjoy and become inspired!  Also subscribe to her videos - they are fantastic!  She also does home decor projects and posted a video on a Flower Vase!!!  I'm a sucker for home decor - so I just had to watch it myself!  :)

Also, this past week, Kim from Just Wordz posted another video tutorial on You Tube on how to colour my Wedding Bliss digital stamp!!!  Once again, I am ecstatic to watch my digis come to life!  Kim sure makes you want to run out and buy those ProMarkers!  Those little tips are perfect for those tight spaces...and that blending marker, I don't know how anyone could live without!  So cool!!!  Thanks Kim, you're the best!  Check out Kim's latest tutorial on how to colour digi stamps - then subscribe to her videos and learn every step on how to colour these beautiful images using ProMarkers! 

I also wanted to thank my entire design team for going above and beyond what I expected; spreading the word about my digi stamps and my shop!  I have stumbled upon several sites and blogs recently by accident, and seen where many of you have posted and given credit to Redonkulous Designs!  Without all of you, I'd still be a little minnow in the ocean.  I have seen an increase in traffic since being a part of such a wonderful and amazing team!  I almost feel like a pike now, and can't wait to evolve into a shark!!!  From the bottom of my heart - thank you so much ladies!

Speaking of Design know what day it is don't you? Yup, it's Design Team DAY!!!  Check out what my redonkulous crafty ladies have created this week!





Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Digital Stamp for a Man & DT Day

This digital stamp of a girl jumping out of a cake sure got a lot of double takes and googly eyes from my male co-workers!!!  For the past few days I've been colouring her up during lunch time at work.  Based on my live audience's feedback, I have a feeling this is a big winner for any man to receive!  This digi stamp is perfect for a stag/bachelor night invite, a birthday card for men, an anniversary card, or even valentines day!  Whatever you plan on celebrating, this image will bring big smiles from the recipient!  I did up this coloured version for a shop sample (mind the watermark, I do plan on selling as a clipart) - I know, a sad attempt at a greeting card done digitally - hehe - I really just did it for fun!  Not too bad for a first attempt.  Maybe one day I will brave enough to use ProMarkers and real paper & embellishments - LOL!

It's DT Day everyone!  Time to show of some of my Redonkulous creations!  See what the ladies have been up to this week!  I can't wait to see!  This is the time of the week where I wish I didn't have to go to work!  Since the posts don't go up until 8AM (and it is really 5:30AM for me as I pre - schedule my blog posts), I will have to wait until I get home...Boooooo!  Hope everyone has a crafty week! 

Visit Kim's blog to see what she has done with my cheekiest digital stamp, and then hop on over to the rest of my teamies and leave'm some lovens!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Trendy Teen Digital Stamp and DT Day!

Yay! It's another boy digital stamp for those of you who have requested boy digis!   This one is of a trendy teenager or college student!  You know those boys and their techy toys, I just had to do this one!  He actually looks similar to a character on a television show I use to design for.   I guess after 6 years of drawing the same character, it eventually takes over your soul. LOL!  He actually looks a lot cooler than the TV show character I use to draw. Though, when I was finished, I cringed a little because I could see the influences. I was at the point of no returning for this cool guy!  I still like'em. :)

On Sunday we spent the day at my parents house visiting my Nana from England. She will be going back home next Tuesday, so of course we want to visit again this coming weekend.  I  wish she lived closer because it is so nice to see her so full of energy around the great grand Kids, and Kolby had a blast wrestling a toy from her and popping bubble wrap! How many people are lucky enough to play with their great grandparent(s)? Sadly I can't remember mine - can you?

So I am starting to freak out a little. The baby is due in 2 months! EEK! We are so NOT ready for her! Now I feel the need to get rid of a lot stuff we just don't need anymore because it is taking up so much room! One of these weekends I want to stay home and go through it all.  The thought is overwhelming and gives me anxiety as I know it will take longer than a weekend!  I will have to write down a "to do list".  Some days I think "ooh, I bet I could get some extra money if I sell this or sell that," ...Ha! Let's be serious! This is the reason why I still have it sitting here.  Jim and I have decided to give most of it to charity, and the bigger stuff we will try to sell.


Before we begin, I'd like to point your eyes to the new Gallery Tab I have added to my blog.  You will now be able to see my teamies past projects.  Finally eh?  It is still a work in progress as you can see everyone is not there, but as I receive pictures (hint hint), I will update!   =)  The pics will stay there forever and ever, so send those pics in ladies!

It's time to show of some off my Redonkulous Digital Stamps!  Lets start at Kim's blog and see what she has created!  My teamies links are there too.  You can also leave these ladies some LOVE by following the links below.  Enjoy!



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